Penelope takes you with her on a quest and through a personal journey reveals the power that lies in tradition. She observes our customs and analyses them. Forcing us to question our own habits, she in fact operates as a guide, camera and audience all at the same time. Life, dreams and expectations versus origin, superstition and instinct. She leaves us a choice between surrendering or breaking from traditon. Everyone recognizes nostalgia, but behind those strong ties to the past can lurk a trap: fanaticism.


Yell Penelope flies on happy lightness
review Omroep Brabant (Dutch)

Yell Penelope is fierce, yet warm and witty.
“With such findings Jelena Kostic creates a happy, frivolous mood in a solid performance, full of conflicts and hard edges.”
review Brabants Dagblad



choreography & concept: Jelena Kostić
in collaboration with dancers: Ann-Christin Zimmermann, Vincent Morelle, Judit Ruiz Onandi en Francesco Barba
composers: Jeroen Strijbos and Rob van Rijswijk
set: Simon Haan and Saša Ivanović
artistic advice and rehearsel director: Thomas Falk
dramaturgy advice: Guy Cools and Lou Cope
vocal coach: Nataša Mihaljinac and Wiebe Gotink
costumes: Natasja Leenders
light designer: Ate-Jan van Kampen
publicity: Laura Graat and Femke Cuijpers
production leader: Florain Verheijen
production assistant: Leon van Egmond and Yola Parie
light engineer: Pim Mans
graphic designer: Nataša Radosavljević
photos: Miloš Gazdić

Yell Penelope is a production of Kostic Foundation for Contemporary Art in coproduction with Danshuis Station Zuid, BKKC, Gemeente Tilburg, SNS REAAL and Stichting Jacques de Leeuw.