In trying to achieve something, sometimes you are your own biggest obstacle. In the short dance film My Own Worst Enemy, Jelena and film director Harrie Verbeek explore the psychological processes involved. Dancer Noëmie Wagner portrays the struggling protagonist in various symbolic situations. 

After Interlude (2016) and the grand Going Home (2019), this is the third joint film project by Jelena and Harrie Verbeek. 


A film by Jelena Kostić and Harrie Verbeek

Director – Harrie Verbeek
Choreography – Jelena Kostić
Concept development & dramaturgy – Lou Cope
Artistic advice & repetitor – Judit Ruiz Onandi
Dancer – Noëmie Wagner
Produced by – Stichting Kostić & Branded Cinema
Production design – Hans Borgman
Costume design – Biljana Grgur
DoP – Richard Spierings 
Camera – Johannes van Beeck 
Gaffer – Paul Roelofse
Sound – Jan Wouter Stam
Art director – Tim Tubée & Hans Borgman
Music – Tom Sikkers
Editing & VFX – Frans Suijs & Roy Berendsen
Color grading – Frans Suijs
Director of animation – Matty Jorissen
Production – Monne Tuinhout