Gripping dance performance about focus and tunnel vision


For her new dance production HOW IT ENDS, Jelena Kostić examines the phenomenon of tunnel vision. She focuses on people who head straight for a goal with decisiveness and determination, in spite of opposition and pain.

HOW IT ENDS zooms in on the all-or-nothing mentality, the tunnel vision needed to deliver an unprecedented performance. Four dancers populate the playing field. They focus, prepare, mentally shut themselves off from everything that distracts them. Until the moment is there, and all training, sacrifice and pain have to pay off. And what remains after the crucial all-or-nothing moment, after victory or loss? Jelena Kostić uses the body as the ultimate storytelling instrument in a dance language full of contrast and emotions.

HOW IT ENDS has premiered in De Nieuwe Vorst on March 7th 2020.

Update: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, our performances for March & May have unfortunately been cancelled. We are currently working on new dates with the theatres. 


Theaterkrant: “The performance is an ode to human beings at play. With their sets of blocks, they can keep on going.” 


6 March 2020
De NWE Vorst, Tilburg (try-out)

7 March 2020
De NWE Vorst, Tilburg (première)

13 March 2020
Ins Blau, Leiden (cancelled due to corona measures)

6 May 2020
CC Amstel, Amsterdam
 (cancelled due to corona measures)

8 May 2020
AINSI, Maastricht
 (cancelled due to corona measures)

11 May 2020
Theater Kikker, Utrecht
 (cancelled due to corona measures)

9 November 2020
Verkadefabriek (November Music), ‘s-Hertogenbosch

10 November 2020
Ins Blau, Leiden

12 November 2020
Theater Kikker, Utrecht

19 November 2020
Chassé Theater, Breda

18 December 2020
LUX, Nijmegen




Choreography – Jelena Kostić
Dancers – Noëmi Wagner, Blazej Jasinski, Pauline De Laet and Anne Roeper 
Dramaturgical & artistic advisor, concept development – Lou Cope
Artistic advisor & repetitor – Judit Ruiz Onandi & Thomas Falk
Composer – Dyane Donck
Set design – Ascon de Nijs
Light design – Dominique Pollet
Costume design – Biljana Grgur 
Art work / campaign design – Nataša Radosavljević & Nikola Kostić
Communication & PR – Laura Roling
Production – Andrea van Bussel 

Thanks to: Gemeente Tilburg, Provincie Noord-Brabant, FPK, BNG Cultuurfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Fonds 21