Around the deathbed of father Theo, several of his family members gather. The situation weighs heavily on them and puts a strain on their interactions. Do they manage to get closer together and support each other when it comes down to it? In the new Branded Cinema production Home, director Harrie Verbeek and choreographer Jelena Kostić, after their previous collaboration on Interlude, once again bring dormant emotions to the surface in a powerful and sensitive dance film.  Actors Huub Smit, Hans Dagelet, Liz Snoijink and Beaudil Elzenga and dancers Patricia van Deutekom, Kim-Jomi Fischer and Rowan van den Boomen portray the troubled family members. The combination of Jelena Kostić’s poetic dance language Harrie Verbeek’s subtle, natural cinematography guarantees a poignant and moving ‘Brabantse Beauty’.


Direction: Harrie Verbeek
Choreography: Jelena Kostić
Cast: Huub Smit, Liz Snoijink. Hans Dagelet, Patricia van Deutekom, Kim-Jomi Fischer, Beaudil Elzenga, Rowan van den Boom 
Production: Branded Cinema
Co-production: Stichting Kostić, Veldkamp Produkties, Omroep Brabant
Production design: Hans Borgman
Costume design: Biljana Grgur
Camera: Richard Spierings 
Sound: Jan Wouter Stam
Music: Tom Sikkers
Production: Monne Tuinhout
Light: Gerard Stam
1st assistant director: Ruut van der Beele
Repetitor: Judit Ruiz Onandi
Editing: Sander Kuipers
Final editing from Omroep Brabant: Lout Donders