New dance film in the making: MY OWN WORST ENEMY

New dance film in the making: MY OWN WORST ENEMY


In November 2019, Jelena, director Harrie Verbeek, dancer Noëmi Wagner and a large film crew went into a film studio in Den Bosch. There, the new dance film MY OWN WORST ENEMY was filmed. This short shows how, as a human being, you are sometimes your own worst enemy when faced with major challenges. In this film full of symbols, overcoming yourself is central.

Focus and tunnelvision take centre stage

MY OWN WORST ENEMY is part of Jelena’s exploration of the psychology of working for extraordinary achievements: what struggles do those who aim for a specific goal have to deal with; what does their focus look like; and what do you do after achieving or missing the goal you have worked so hard for? What happens next? 

Dance performance HOW IT ENDS

This thematic focus also results in a dane performance for black box theatres. This performance, HOW IT ENDS, will premiere in March 2020.