Livestream of How It Ends

Livestream of How It Ends


Together with Theater Ins Blau and Theater Kikker we present a dance programme about tunnel vision on 8 April at 20:30 via livestream.

Dance performance How It Ends
The programme opens with Jelena’s latest performance How It Ends, for two dancers (Noëmi Wagner and Blazej Jasinski) and life-size dominoes. In the interaction between the athletic dancers and objects, Jelena explores the themes of tunnel vision, endurance and the price of a single-minded focus on a single goal.

Talk by Jelena
After How It Ends, Jelena will give a personal talk about the theme of her performance. From her personal story and drive, she makes connections with the performance and the film that follows.

Dance film My Own Worst Enemy
From the same fascination that inspired the dance performance How It Ends, Jelena made the short dance film My Own Worst Enemy with director Harrie Verbeek. Whereas the theatre version zooms in on the dynamics between people, My Own Worst Enemy delves into the inner world of someone who has to perform under great pressure.