Free online dance workshops

Free online dance workshops

Our dancers Noëmi Wagner and Blazej Jasinski regularly give dance workshops, with partner work as their speciality. Unfortunately, due to the corona crisis, we’re unable to give live workshops for the time being. 

That’s why we started looking for creative ways to keep dancers – professionals, students and advanced amateurs – in shape. With simple means such as tennis balls, broomsticks and the great outdoors, our free weekly workshops on YouTube will keep you in shape!


Dance Workout #1

In this first workout-video we start with a proper warming-up. Them we move on to strength exercises and free running and jumping.

Dance Workout #2

In this second workout-video we’re going to work with tennis balls and a resistance band (a belt is also possible). This way we work on strength and flexibility.

Dance Workout #3

Grab your jumping rope and let Noëmi push you to the limit. We alternate cardio and strength exercises. 

Dance Workout #4 

After a thorough warming-up, we move on to strength and balance exercises and we finish off with free running and jumps.

Dance Workout #5

This week we’ll be partnering… with a stick! Take the stick off your broom at home and join in. We’ll practice interaction with the object.


Dance Workout #6

This week, we’ll be working with a wall! Let’s get those wrists moving and get upside down! 

Dance Workout #7 

In this week’s dance workout, we’ll be warming up and playing around with objects, resulting in a social distance duet. What you need:
– a rope, belt or band (from a bathrobe, for instance)
– a water bottle