The Bold, The Bound & The French

Jelena’s women’s duet of strength and vulnerability will be performed at the dance- and film festival Festival DesArts//DesCinés in St. Étienne, France on May 19th. Her film INTERLUDE is also shown there.

Support from the Province

On April 13th the Kostic Foundation received the great news that her application Subsidy Contemporary ARt at the Province of North-Brabant is honored. Hereby Jelena has a solid foundation to achieve her plans for the next two years.

Innovating fashion film @ Motel Mozaïque

Jelena worked with filmmaker Leen Michiels and fashion designers SchuellerDeWaal on the film YOUR APPROVAL IS NOT ESSENTIAL. Next screening is at the Motel Mozaïque Festival!

INTERLUDE at TilburgvoorCultuurnacht

A night full of surprises, meet ups and cultural snacks with shows at thirty locations untill the late hours of Saturday October 29. With two screenings of dance film INTERLUDE.

Positive advice for Kostic Foundation

A nice glass of wine to the positive advice the Kostic Foundation got from the Advisory Committee Artist Initiatives 2017-2020 of the City of Tilburg!

Jelena in St. Etienne

End of September Jelena is in St. Etienne, France, in residency at Stéla. She will show her awardwinning film INTERLUDE and her duet THE BOLD, THE BOUND & THE BRITTLE at DesArtDesCinés, Festival Danse & Cinema on Sept. 29th.

New speeches

Read about the new speeches of leading women and watch a short documentary on their predecessors.