Interview with Jelena on Mestmag

“I have to be flexible. I do not want to run after money very quickly and have to meet all kinds of heavy expectations.”

Première (UN)BOUND

The 22nd of February we finally release the new dance performance (UN)BOUND into the world. A performance about dualities in life itself, between each other and ourselves.

The Bold, The Bound & The Fall

After having played a short version at the crowded Limburg Festival in Roermond (NL) this August, the duet will be performed this autumn in AINSI, Maastricht (NL) on November 3 and in Theater Ins Blau, Leiden (NL) on November 20.

Fashion, film and dance in Cinecitta, Tilburg

Festive, dressed up program in film arthouse Cinecitta, Tilburg (NL) with 3 fashion films, fashion expo and live dance performance! October 5th, 7 pm, ticket 12,50 euros.

The Bold, The Bound & The French

Jelena’s women’s duet of strength and vulnerability will be performed at the dance- and film festival Festival DesArts//DesCinés in St. Étienne, France on May 19th. Her film INTERLUDE is also shown there.

Support from the Province

On April 13th the Kostic Foundation received the great news that her application Subsidy Contemporary ARt at the Province of North-Brabant is honored. Hereby Jelena has a solid foundation to achieve her plans for the next two years.

Innovating fashion film @ Motel Mozaïque

Jelena worked with filmmaker Leen Michiels and fashion designers SchuellerDeWaal on the film YOUR APPROVAL IS NOT ESSENTIAL. Next screening is at the Motel Mozaïque Festival!