jelenakostic-portraitAbout Jelena Kostić

Kostic Foundation is a small dance company from Tilburg, founded in 2009. Instead of producing individual performances, artistic director / choreographer Jelena Kostić (Belgrade, 1976) believes in the concept of the umbrella project, where one dominant theme produces multiple productions in different formats: theater performances, short solos and duets, photo exhibitions and dance films. A performance is often enriched with an extra, in-depth program. For this Jelena invites local artists and speakers to share their vision and stories about the overarching topic.
This proved to be a strong asset of Jelena’s cross-community ambitions. For example, every performance of The Bold, The Bound & The Brittle included contributions from prominent female politicians and businesswomen. Their personal stories were set against a production about power and vulnerability. Kostić Foundation also organizes workshops for students and professional. The choreographer is central to an inspiring and ever-growing circle of loyal independent artists: dancers and performers, composers and musicians, filmmakers and designers.

Dance productions
How It Ends (full-length performance, 2020)
(UN)BOUND (full-length performance, 2018)
The Bold, The Bound & The Brittle (full-length performance, 2016)
So Close (duet Blazej Jasinski and Jelena Kostic, 2016)
All About Eve (solo for Miryam Garcia Mariblanca, 2016)
A Mood for Deep Longing (full-length performance, 2013)
A Short Odyssee | Woman (solo for Judit Ruiz Onandi, 2013)
A Short Odyssee | Man (solo for Blazej Jasinski, 2013)
Yell Penelope (full-length performance, 2012)
Elettra (solo for Miryam Garcia Mariblanca, 2011)
March (full-length performance, 2010)

Film productions
My Own Worst Enemy (2020)
Going Home (2018)
Your approval is not essential (2016)
Interlude (2016)
Appearance (2014)