jelenakostic-portraitAbout Jelena Kostić

Ever since she first started creating theatrical dance performance in 2008, Dutch-Serbian choreographer Jelena Kostić has been meticulously building a scrutinizing, socio-politically charged repertoire. Working with gripping motifs like alienation and security, herd behaviour, selfishness and sacrifice, exclusion and embrace, Kostić observes human behaviour in all its facets. She transforms her dancers into cinematic personages, submerging in their role like actors. On stage they undergo conflicting emotions, dragging the spectator out of his com-fort zone and into their struggle. In Kostić’s own words: “Rather than just moves and steps, I give my dancers characters”.

Full of drama, dance and music

Dance is a powerful, but certainly not the only weapon to Jelena Kostić. She is averse to boundaries and chooses to redefine and subsequently cross them. Her performances are multidisciplinary experiences, full of drama, dance, music and vocals. Working closely together with a small group of dancers, film makers and other artistic professionals, she uses live music, acting and singing to help shape her compelling concepts.

Dance productions
(UN)BOUND (full-length performance, 2018)
The Bold, The Bound & The Brittle (full-length performance, 2016)
So Close (duet Blazej Jasinski and Jelena Kostic, 2016)
All About Eve (solo for Miryam Garcia Mariblanca, 2016)
A Mood for Deep Longing (full-length performance, 2013)
A Short Odyssee | Woman (solo for Judit Ruiz Onandi, 2013)
A Short Odyssee | Man (solo for Blazej Jasinski, 2013)
Yell Penelope (full-length performance, 2012)
Elettra (solo for Miryam Garcia Mariblanca, 2011)
March (full-length performance, 2010)

Film productions
Your approval is not essential (2016)
Interlude (2016)
Appearance (2014)